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Danmon Group har blivit en strategisk partner med AVID i de skandinaviska länderna samt Spanien och Portugal

Danmon Group och AVID har etablerat ett strategiskt partnerskap för den europeiska marknaden som vill ge Danmon Group i Danmark, Norge och Sverige möjlighet att erbjuda hela portföljen av Avids produkter och lösningar. Allt från Pro Tools ljudredigeringar till mediahanteringssystem, Nexis lagringslösningar och arkivering. grafiska system och Media Composer videoredigeringssystem.

Detta samarbete som även inkluderar Danmons verksamheter (Datos Media i Spanien och VANTeC - Danmon Group i Portugal), utökar kompetensen hos Danmons tekniska team och vi kan då erbjuda våra kunder en högre kompetens och support i de lösningar som levereras från Danmon Group.

I och med samarbetet med Avid kommer nu Danmon Group i löpet av de kommande månaderna lansera ett flertal marknadsaktiviteter inom AVIDs-produktportfölj, både digitalt och direkt med våra kunder

Danmon Group är nu Global AVID Strategic Partner.

Ring eller ta kontakt med oss för att höra mer om din nästa Avid lösning.

For mere information, kontakt:

Marcus Lundahl, Director, Danmon Group Sweden AB

Mobil: +46 733 58 80 01


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TRR | 4K Hybrid Studio Production Solution

TRR wanted to increase the production quality for all connected employees and members and wanted a future secured scalable easy operated high-end turnkey system solution.

TRR offers expert assistance to redundant white-collar staff, employers and trade union representatives in the private sector and they do regular TV productions, interactive digital meetings, such as panel discussions and informational educational videos both onsite in their studio and as a request to be available remotely with interactive digital meeting produciton possibility.

Fredrik Fejde, responsible for this project explains: TRR media production is based on two studios as well as outdoor environment production and is controlled from one control room in Stockholm city in order to make interactive media production on the TRR streaming platform for various alliance unions, unemployed etc. which are connected to TRR.

The system solution is based on Panasonic 4K UE150 PTZ cameras and Panasonic ENG camera and Technopoint rail solution. Sennheiser wireless audio, Yamaha TF1 Audio Console with Dante stageboxes and  Blackmagic 8K Constellation switcher to act both as a switcher and router and even partial audio mixing.

FX Blue graphics system, simple graphics system for both designer and operator.

Distribution of SDI and network prepared for 12G based on Blackmagic 12G Optical Fiber converters with SFPs.

Most of the system will be controlled via macros on a StreamDeck panel to simplify production workflow for the operator.

Additional Quicklink STS410 hybrid switcher has been installed to create digitial interactive high-end meetings and productions possible with many simultaneosly participants with high-end both video and audio production at very low latency.

Pre-screen, control and manage guest participants in a conferencing room with additional participants that can view and listen to the live program in a virtual waiting room. This powerful hybrid switcher also includes the power of the cloud with custom overlays, as well as streaming and professional hardware broadcast outputs.

By slowly moving your PTZ camera sideways, you create a whole new depth in the image.

TRR wanted to increase the professional feeling in its productions by adding camera movement sideways. Panasonic Tuning became the solution.

Tuning is a robotic system that adds movement of PTZ cameras with motorized dollies and telescopic columns.

Tuning is fully integrated with Panasonic's PTZ cameras, in this case the AW-UE150 and controller AW-RP150.

The heart of the camera movement system is the Tuning S software and "Presets" can be easily created and recalled, so that the camera movement (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) is synchronized with the movement of the column and dolly.

The system is designed for one-man operation and thanks to a touch screen and a user-friendly interface based on thumbnails and keyframes, the operation is simple and secure.

This will possible be blueprinted as a solution for TRR and other locations in Sweden in the future. The project is done by Danmon Group Sweden AB and Foxway Sverige.

Kontakta Fredrik Fejde for mer information på +46 8544 76 440 eller E-mail:

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Apantac PTZ -kamera med NDI -teknologi

Apantacs nya AP-1080P-PTZ-20x (NDI) är designad för video upp till 1080P och erbjuder 3G SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0 och video över IP.

Denna kamera stöder NDI 5.0 via NDI och Vizrt Group.

Denna kamera är idealisk för affär, industri kyrkor eller skolapplikationer.

Apantac har integrerat NDI | HX i deras nya 1080P PTZ-kamera så att video kan kännas igen som en källa av annan utrustning med NDI stöd anslutna till ett standard Ethernet lokalt nätverk.

Kameran integreras också sömlöst med de flesta videokonferenssystem och andra programvaror.


✅ Supporterer NDI®|HX, USB, IP, HDMI og SDI output

✅ Kompatibel med ledende video conference systemer.

✅ 20x Optical Zoom + 2x Digital Zoom med 61 graders FOV

✅ Understøtter USB 3.0 output

✅ Full HD video over IP, understøtter H.264, H.265

✅ NDI|HX output

✅ Understøtter POE

✅ Standard IP VISCA, Serial og TCP/IP, Pelco-P/D kontrol protocol

✅ Understøtter SRT protocol (tilgængelig med NDI|HX 5.0)

Kontakta Fredrik Fejde for mer information på +46 8544 76 440 eller E-mail:

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Swedish newspaper deploys scalable and flexible EVS DYVI switcher to power its studio productions

Liège, Belgium, April 9, 2020

EVS, the leading provider of live video technology for broadcast and new media productions, today announces that Aftonbladet TV  has deployed the Dyvi production switcher for its news, current affairs and magazine studio productions. The software-defined solution offers a fresh approach to live production, taking the user far beyond the limits of conventional hardware switcher design. It was selected by the web TV offering of Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet (part of Schibsted) to replace the legacy switcher for its new Stockholm studio and control room.

Now fully operational, the Dyvi is already relied on by the core team of staff and freelancers to control the many live productions distributed each day online by Aftonbladet TV, as well as on the screens of its multi-purpose studio floor. And with the ever-changing narrative around the COVID-19 crisis driving the news agenda, the switcher has been central to getting the latest information out to their national audience.

A key advantage of Dyvi for Aftonbladet TV is its scalability, meaning the system can be expanded in the future if needed to cover additional studios. This can easily be done by adding processing modules together into one or more “clusters”. These processing modules and the customizable panel can then be assigned to multiple control rooms to provide better resource utilization or be combined for bigger production requirements.

As well as scalability, the team also wanted a powerful tool that could help operators drive productions of different sizes while ensuring a consistent level of quality, no matter how many people are present in the control room at any time. Working together, EVS and Aftonbladet TV have created a bespoke suite of intelligent macros within the Dyvi to automate certain processes. These include controlling the audio of clips through the existing sound desk, and how graphics are presented on screen, reducing the potential for errors.

Due to the nature of the current affairs-based content that Aftonbladet TV produces, speed is of the essence, particularly when it comes to covering breaking news. The production team was therefore keen to accelerate the process of getting images on air, including those taken directly from social media feeds. Again, the software-defined nature of Dyvi made it easy to simplify this process into a drag and drop action for the producer. The selected image then automatically appears in the correct size and framing on screen, without requiring any treatment from the graphics department. This new feature is now also available to other Dyvi users.

Vasilios Hatciliamis, Head of TV Operations at Schibsted Enterprise Technology, who oversaw the project said: “This project demanded a modern, open, flexible vision switcher and we found precisely that in the EVS Dyvi. Because it’s software-defined, both the functionality and layout on the panel could be configured so they would match the requirements for our news broadcasts. The system has been easy to integrate with the rest of the control room and it also allowed us to automate many tasks through macros. We’re really pleased with the way that Dyvi works.”

Ian Futter, Dyvi Production Switcher Specialist at EVS added: “The team at Aftonbladet TV likes to do things in an innovative way and had some very specific requirements, but thanks to the highly customizable design of Dyvi, we've been able to easily configure the switcher to meet their exact needs. After less than a week of set-up and training, they now have a solution that gives both the in-house and freelance operators the ability to control complex elements in a very simple way. Feedback so far has been that the team can now focus on making compelling content rather than having to worry about technical limitations during production.”

Adoption of EVS’ Dyvi continues to grow across multiple live video production segments as broadcasters, media organizations, esports, venues and service providers alike recognize the potential of its easy-to-learn, easy-to-implement, flexible and powerful package to engage and entertain audiences like never before.

“New subscribers will have free use of the SaaS offering for up to 2500 users, 1 terabyte (TB) of data transfer, 1 TB of cloud storage and 10 TB of egress. This hosted service includes built-in security and allows users located anywhere to fully utilize their available bandwidth to exchange large files and data sets quickly and reliably. As a fully hosted SaaS, there is no infrastructure to deploy and no special networks to configure. After signing up, employees can immediately start sending, receiving, and sharing files of any size securely over the public Internet.”

For any related questions to this solution, please contact:

Juha Aurendahl

Key Account Manager, Media & Solutions


Mobile: +46-709-702 226

Phone: +46-8-544 76 440

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EVS Cerebrum 2.0 – Mer kraft och kontroll

EVS Cerebrum

Cerebrum 2.0 med fler funktioner i den största uppdateringen sedan introduktionen samt enklare att hantera systemet.

- IP-förberedd

- Enklare och snabbare att använda systemet

- Över 50 nya funktioner

- Över 160 protokoll

Flera nöjda kunder som nyttjat fördelarna av Cerebrum. Bland dessa kan nämnas ITV, NEP, Redbee med flera.

Axon erbjuder marknaden ett övervakningssystem för hela signalkedjan för verksamheter inom broadcasting. Axons systemet integreras med kundens existerande tekniska infrastruktur och ger tekniker och systemingenjörer en tydlig och klar bild av hur tjänsterna mår i realtid. Cerebrum nyttjas av kunderna som ett "Dashboard", vilket ger användaren full översikt av sina system.

Cerebrum är framtaget för att vara ett robust och tillförlitligt system samt är avsett att användas för övervakning av affärskritiska tjänster – för både den stora och mindre organisationen.

Funktionaliteten av systemet är skalbart och är utformat utifrån en databasstruktur som möjliggör hög prestanda i varje situation. Systemet passar både för den mindre verksamheten samt även för mer komplexa arbetsflöden i större organisationer.

Cerebrum ger följande fördelar:

- 100% kompatibel med Din infrastruktur

- 100% anpassning till Ditt arbetsflöde

- Bygget på en databas med snabb åtkomst av data

- Låga driftkostnader

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Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2, nästa generationens professionella kamera med 6K digital filmsensor som ger digital filmkvalitet till både traditionella och online-broadcasters

Den avancerade digitala filmsensorn på 6144 x 3456 ger exceptionell prestanda i svagt ljus med dual gain ISO på upp till +36dB samt 13 stegs dynamiskt omfång. Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 inkluderar även filformaten H.265 och Blackmagic RAW, Blackmagic generation 5 color science, samt en USB-C-expansionsport för extern diskinspelning, med mera!

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 är tillgänglig omedelbart från Danmon Sweden för ca. 3 995 USD excl vat.

Klicka här för att läsa mer her

Kontakta Fredrik Fejde for mer information på +46 8544 76 440 eller E-mail:

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